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There's a tense moment between Viroka and Nax in the Women Camp, when Nax's disciple Asin"Li runs into Viroka's tent and interrupts her while she was talking to the other women.
Maniiv gets furious and she rises her hand to slap the girl on her face, knowing that Nax is watching them.

"...get the grip and keep your distance"
Those are the words Nax had once said to young Haromin Viroka, back to their Haeleges life in the 7th Round.

Naghill came to talk to Hoza and was met by his 9-year-old daughter,
who was excited to see her and ran to hug her with wide-spread arms, happily screaming, and was punished for this "inappropriate behaviour":
she gave her a sound slap and told her off in her cold, stern manner, with a desired effect - Romi didn't talk or touch Nax.
This incident wasn't left unnoticed by Romi's mother. Maniiv saw the scene and confronted Nax, as fierce as a mother protecting her cub could be.
From that day on she refused to stay in the same room with Naghill and avoided her, warning her that if she ever lays her finger on Romi, there'll be a duel and there'll be blood.
They remained distant until the Dallan Has (The Great Fire) festival, when Llava's arrival had helped to break the ice between them.
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Synopsis: While exploring the Passage, Naghill falls into yet another hole to wake up in a painfully familiar place. She realizes she is back to the years of her youth, meeting the people she had long forgotten. She joins the street race to a bet for her friends and it ends up in an unexpected way.


Them? It's unbelievable.
If they are here, it means I'm twenty again?
And this place must be Yuv.
-C'mon, Varae, it's about to start!
-Don't let us down, the bet is huge.
-She won't, if she doesn't want to do a dance while mooning in all the citizens faces.
Oh, great. The race. Of course, that summer afternoon when I had to save my dignity, or whatever it was, by winning a street run.
My legs felt soft, as we walked through the narrow side street towards the park square.
I cursed myself for being so reckless and dumb, I dare my moron mates, and now I have to run in a few minutes, but I felt I won't make it.
-you've got all the chances, Nahhi. Look at those slugs, pathetic. Go get'm.
-Oi, check out this (race name) cutie! - he whistled, eyeing a girl who stood by the start line. I couldn't see her face, but she certainly was a boy-magnet, with her long legs, tight school uniform (way to short for that obviously ripe teenager) and shiny dark hair. Definitely a slut, I thought with slight contempt, when she turned her head, with that sparkling smile, the one you won't mistake for someone else's.
-...l'right, I gotta tell ya, you pay me twice.
-Pay 10 gras for a chick flashin' her knickers?
-Hit it or quit it, you knucklehead.
-oi, get ya cash ready. She is so bendable, so bend she will. - The voice behind us belonged to a freckled kid, grinning slyly as he set his eyes on the girl's skirt.
God help me. Is this ginger who I think he is?
He is so bloody small! Of course, if I'm twenty-two, then he is... ten?
And her?
I was pulled from the pile of my bewildered thoughts by my mates, who were cheering and taunting me, excited in anticipation of their probable victory.
-the last runners are joining us - shouted the megaphone above our heads. - Hurry up, young man!

We all had met before! Without knowing each other, we'd been there together, in one place.

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Given Name: Naghill Varae
Nicknames: Nahhi, Galv”Sayarhin (The One who can play seven strings), The Fire Keeper, Skeleton Auntie
Hair: curly, dark orange, shoulder length
Eyes: blue
Age: late 30s – early 40s,
Height: 179
Body: very thin, hard and bony, a X-shaped scar across the back,
Personality: artistic, merciless, sarcastic, profane, impartial, arrogant, selfish
Yah Abilities: penetrate the dreams, hold asyl”m defense,
Yah colours: black, orange, silver
Danger: low
Spouses: none
Children: none
Fears: mutilation and skin removal

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I saw Una-Varae standing in our front yard, so I ran out shouting "Kayama!", I was about to hug her, but as I rose my arms, she gave me a sound slap on the face. I was petrified, my cheek was burning, and I felt like bursting into tears, but the glance she had given me made me believe I must not. Then my mother came, and she saw what had happened; she was furious, so she ordered una-Naghill to get lost, but una-Naghill gave a sarcastic smile and said: "I wouldn't come for you, Dzimmachi, would I. You do not have to honour me with your presence."
Then they went into silent talk.
 I tried to break in their conversation, but as soon as I did I regret it, as Varae had pushed me away and send me warning sign so I stood aside.
She disappeared then, and my mother comforted me and went inside to question father about what had happened; I was left alone in the yard, when I heard Una-Naghill's voice calling me to meet her in Dolaea"r.
She invites me to sit in front of her, asking if I understood why she had slapped my face, and warned me to answer anything she asked. I was so scared of her that I didn't dare to talk back and nodded. She frowned and ordered to answer with my voice, not head jerks. Then she repeated her question, looking right into my eyes. I said perhaps I did something inappropriate, and she nodded.
"-Not only is it impolite, it is very dangerous. Do you greet every stranger this way?
-No, I don't. Only my mother, father and the Daenair. 
-Haromin Viroka, - she said coldly, - you can not judge strangers by their appearance. Did you see my Yah colours? 
-I saw them! Mother showed me all...
-Still, you must be alert. Did you mother tell you about the Hunt and the traitors among girars?
-Yes, I know that. And...
Naghill abruptly stopped me.
-Enough. Do not answer about what had not been asked. Less words, more quick thoughts. Understood? 
-Now, how do you greet me when you see me next time? Show me.
I stood up, took four steps back and knelt, tucking my skirt under. I put straight hands together in and extended joined thumbs and index fingers, then laid them down and lowered my head to touch the ground. 
Naghill laughed.
-Are you asking me to let you in, or inviting me?
I blushed, feeling stupid: what I did was not greeting, but permission to enter.
Then I opened my hands and laid them down with my palms open to the sky.
-Well, that's acceptable. Who has taught you, Viroka Junior?
-Aensa U-Taeimur, and Una Liyun and sometimes her sister...
-Hal. - she helped. - I got it. Well, you've got way to go. 
Now you know how to behave with the guests. Some don't like to be touched and you must respect their wish to remain untact. Did you learn your lesson?
-Yes, I did,- I responded, - I am very grateful to you. 
I bowed down to her, with my left hand fingers around my right wrist. 
When raised my head, she had almost dispersed in Dolaea"r, as I heard her distant voice:
"Shi Alvush"

Chapter 2

Oct. 21st, 2012 11:54 pm
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The loud knock on the door woke her up at midnight.
Cursing all the way down to the hall, Naghill was quickly wrapping herself into an old brown bathrobe, while holding a lamp with her left hand. 
-Who in the name of all the hollies is knocking at this hour? - she yelled, making her voice as shrieky and sharp as possible.
No, there wasn't just a lonely stranger. Naghill felt there were more than three of them on the other side of the wooden door of her inn.
-You don't answer me, I will keep your loser arse outside of there to chill a while!
-Milady Varae, we came as agreed, - a man replied in a soft low voice, the voice she knew for ages.
-You?...- Naghill removed the chain and opened the door to
see an elderly man with a funny goat beard, wearing yellow glasses and a hat with two long ears. From behind his shoulder she could scarcely see the faces of two girls
 and a rather chunky young man.
- Are you really thinking this is the best time to visit me?- she said sarcastically.
The man had raised his hand and his glasses slipped down his nose.
-My apologies, dear lady.
-Oh, shut it and get yourselves in. Dear lords, how many of you...? -she exclaimed, watching the group men and women coming in.
Apart from Gresig, there were three girls and an arrogant young man of about eighteen, two sleepy women in their late twenties and a man of uncertain age, large and hairy. 
-Are we going to have all these kids around for the Journey? - said Naghill, looking at the girls, who looked rather like home-sitting nerds, rather than daring brats. 
-Same question here! - added a gloomy woman with thick dark eyebrows and brown eyes, who had quickly found herself a spot near the fireplace and showed no intention of relocating.
-I don't mind being around pretty girls, - grinned the ginger bruiser, - I've heard there might be rivers so you could swim there wearing nothing but you smooth silky skin...
The older women made a snarky sniffing sound.
Gresig seemed to show no interest in educating the rude youngster, the girls merely ignored his presence. 
These girls were not talking much, giggling or examining people around them. 
-Excuse me,- said the round-faced boy loudly, his voice dingling like a crystal bell. - but aren't we supposed to get to sleep as soon as possible to be ready at sunrise?
Naghill gave him a contemptous look.
-The bedrooms are upstairs.


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