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The city on the shore of the Winter Sea in the northern lands of a realm the Daenair encountered during their 5th Round of respawns.
The city that became the undoing of the Six, a hungry beast with particular taste for the girar souls.
Rumas had left a permanent imprint in Hjotennir's yah, as the male girars tend to be more vulnerable to the influence of the cities, which can cause dramatic changes in their personality and behavior.
Staying in Rumas for over two months made Hoza impatient, gloomy and obsessed with his unreleased ideas.
His condition was worsened after he had intoxication from drinking infamous Vaïl-Roch liquor. The mixture had unleashed his suppressed subconscious frustration, weakened his self-control and allowed Rumas to turn Hoza against his biggest trouble - Viroka, and Viroka was the one Rumas truly desired to be destroyed.
Why would this city be so hostile toward a girar who spoke to it?
The reason was Maniiv's resistance and constant urging others to leave the city as soon as possible, as well as her gender.
The city of Rumas appeared to be quite a misogynistic creature.
The elder women of Daenair confirmed their health and mental condition were dreadful during the stay. However, neither Sandaraen, nor Hyffes were affected much, this could be explained by the fact that Ke is generally "numb and deaf" when it comes to interactions with the cities' souls. Llava, on the other hand, had always been extremely cautious and self-protective, ensuring the imapct on his yah is minimal.

Five Seeds

Oct. 22nd, 2012 12:01 am
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The Five Seeds. 

-They are waiting for you, Daenair. You've been awaited for years, so they expect you to show them the world outside this village. 
Mena told his elder daughter to bring the map, the girl left the room reluctantly and fetched them a round piece of brown fabric covered with lines and letters in yellow ink. 
-This is where the road splits, the northwest one leads to the lakes, the eastern will bring you to the Grey Mountain. They say there are three ways to cross the mountain chain: climb over, take a long turn round or go through the tunnel. I must warn you - none of our families had ever gone beyond those peaks, so the unknown lies there. 
-Thank you, Maniiv, - Keranomu took the map bowing down to Mena and his sullen daughter. - Please, forgive us for what we have done.
-No trouble at all - smiled back Maniiv Mena, - It could only be done that way. I'm glad indeed that I do not owe lady Viroka her farva anymore. It must have been unbearable to live without a part of the soul. 
His eyes suddenly widened and he freezed as if spotting something spooky in front of him, and Ke had to turn his head back quickly, but nothing was there.

-What is wrong?
-I do not see it clear for now...But I must warn you, Daenair, something unexpected will happen soon, something you do not want to happen. You have to keep your all your senses alert, watch the world through each other's souls.

And off they went, The Daenair and their new companions - those who wished to be girars, all the way down to the grey sandy valley, passing by the Barren Grove till they stopped at the crossroads.
-What now? -asked Naghill, who was hardly hiding her impatience. -Sandaren, what do you say, the hole in the Mountains or The lakes?
Keranomu was taking lead since their departure, so he was the map bearer. He, together with Fernollg and Hjotennir, was pondering over the brown circle of cloth, frowning and pointing here and there.
-This map is quite inaccurate! - said Hjot, - the distance between this Grove and the shoreline seems huge, though I can see it's very close. And the road takes a turn left before splitting in two.
-And you... 
-Obviously, I must to. But as we have apprentices in training, I'd let them do the job, under my supervision.
He ordered two of the young men to get a piece of cloth.
To his disappointment, they did not have an idea of making ink, so he had to ask Fernollg to teach them the easiest mixture. They, as well as most of the villagers, were a bit scared knowing who Daenair were and what power they bore, so it seemed breaking the ice would be impossible. 

Maniiv was still in Llava's Safe Chamber, lying in her feverish sleep, without talking or even opening her eyes since she had been recreated.

-We have to wake up Viroka. Zabjh, would you do us a favour? I think she is going to listen to your voice, not any of ours. 
In less than five minutes Hjotennir brought her from the Chamber, she was all pale and weak, though she tried to smile to them.
-Can she really do it?
-I can always do that, amyi, -responded Maniiv, - never mind, if my body is weak or strong, Yah is all i need to hear the town.
Naghill was following her with her glance.
-I do not like the way she talks. She never used to talk like that.
Maniiv nodded to the Daenair, knelt before the border as she usually did, closed her eyes and put her palms gently to an invisible wall between them and the town, but as she did her body shook abruptly and she curled down, as if she was twisting in sudden pain.
The Daenair ran to her to see what had happened, but she already got up back to her feet, strangely vivid, as if the strike had pumped her with wild force.

-Mavi, what the hell happened? - shouted Ke. - Is that border trapped or so? 
Maniiv was staring at them with a firm and fierce expression.
-Listen to me. The Cold City, the soul-eating, life-sucking thing... And the Labyrinth in our first journey... put them together, add the Hunters with their tortures, spice up with the worst of your fears and nightmares, and that would be the light shadow of what is waiting for you there.

Naghill raised her hand and stopped her.
-Enough with the poetry, savi. Are you sure of what you've seen there? Cause you seem to be hysterical, and not just to me.
-Please, for once, stop being so hard-headed! - said Maniiv, - I know it's a dead end and we have to walk back and turn round the mountains. So what, Naghill? 
We all are going to disappear forever, once we step through that border. If that is better, go ahead...
-Enough,- bellowed Keranomu, - enough talks. I will see it for myself.
Nobody had a chance to utter a word before he rushed to the film and stepped through it...completely unharmed.
He turned back and grinned at them, waving his hand.
-So, where's daymarish monster? Eh, Mavi?
The girl looked petrified and embarassed.
-What is it, - whispered Naghill, - you just look at Viroka!
-Those look like a star of seeds, the one you can see if you cut an apple in two. 

-Listen up! - said Fernollg loudly, - we must get through this, Gresig talked to me, he is awaiting on the other side of the mountain, sorry, Mavi, but you are wrong this time. We are going to be safe.


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