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Apr. 29th, 2013 12:31 am
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From: ks4dakasv@****
To: lh5b@a****.org

Morning, mate.
I guess it's more or less clear now: Mavi IS going to die, eventually.
I have spoken to Fern and she confessed that she can see Mavi's life until the Bang, and then everything is "obscure and foggy". I dunno wtf is that supposed to mean, but I won't panic till I get the whole picture clear.
I am leaving for Prague tonight, back in 2 days.

C U soon, I.S.A.

P.S. where on earth is my old ass halebard? Ain't in the Safe Chamber, I couldn't find shit there. Get it tidy, won't ya, mate 0:P


From: lh5b@a****.org
To: ks4dakasv@****

Kayama, vadu.
I am sorry for a late reply.
Your halebard is behind the curtain on the left-hand side of the white chest.
I have heard about Amyi from una-Varae.
Wish you a safe flight.

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Bowing is a part of Girar tradition there's nothing humiliating or kinky about it.
That's totally fine for Llava, as he's naturally quiet, pietic and polite young man.
Ke's a mocking bird and a clown, so I suspect him comically sticking his ass up into the air and making a monkey face so only Llava could see.
There's a chance, though, that he is not aping in front of Llava too much.
Not to hurt his feelings. It's always been love, you see.
(Nevertheless, it's pretty hard to hurt Llava's feelings at all ;)
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Given name: Keranomu Sandaren
Nickname: Ke, Jingle Bell, Sek-Velir
Hair: straight, bright orange, wild haircuts, dreadlocks, sideburns.
Eyes: deep blue
Age: 25-30
Height: 187
Body: moderately muscular but tend to get plump if not kept fit.
Personality: cheerful, sadistic, risky, tough, challenging, dolcevitaer, easy going
Yah Abilities: energy boost,
Yah Colours: lilac, yellow, green
Danger: medium
Spouses: none
Children: none
Fears: his own weakness,


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