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There's a tense moment between Viroka and Nax in the Women Camp, when Nax's disciple Asin"Li runs into Viroka's tent and interrupts her while she was talking to the other women.
Maniiv gets furious and she rises her hand to slap the girl on her face, knowing that Nax is watching them.

"...get the grip and keep your distance"
Those are the words Nax had once said to young Haromin Viroka, back to their Haeleges life in the 7th Round.

Naghill came to talk to Hoza and was met by his 9-year-old daughter,
who was excited to see her and ran to hug her with wide-spread arms, happily screaming, and was punished for this "inappropriate behaviour":
she gave her a sound slap and told her off in her cold, stern manner, with a desired effect - Romi didn't talk or touch Nax.
This incident wasn't left unnoticed by Romi's mother. Maniiv saw the scene and confronted Nax, as fierce as a mother protecting her cub could be.
From that day on she refused to stay in the same room with Naghill and avoided her, warning her that if she ever lays her finger on Romi, there'll be a duel and there'll be blood.
They remained distant until the Dallan Has (The Great Fire) festival, when Llava's arrival had helped to break the ice between them.
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Given name: Haromin Viroka
Nickname: Heleges, Roro, Romi
Hair: long wavy dark
Eyes: green
Age: varies, most chosen – 9, 15, 22
She was three when the Daenair disappeared, had been raised by Kaettohi until she turned 5, then taken by her elder stepbrother Alahir.
Her parents are back after missing three years, to find a nine years old girl. She stays this way until the Lockdown in Golleg's asyl"m, when she snatches 15 years old body.
During the Last Round Haromin is a young woman of 22.

Height: 182
Body: slender, strong
Yah colours: magenta, gold, dark blue
Yah abilities: a-daenair, opening probable worlds.
Danger: high
Spouses: Iso Zabjh, Llava Hyffes
Children: unknown
Fears: being abandoned
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I saw Una-Varae standing in our front yard, so I ran out shouting "Kayama!", I was about to hug her, but as I rose my arms, she gave me a sound slap on the face. I was petrified, my cheek was burning, and I felt like bursting into tears, but the glance she had given me made me believe I must not. Then my mother came, and she saw what had happened; she was furious, so she ordered una-Naghill to get lost, but una-Naghill gave a sarcastic smile and said: "I wouldn't come for you, Dzimmachi, would I. You do not have to honour me with your presence."
Then they went into silent talk.
 I tried to break in their conversation, but as soon as I did I regret it, as Varae had pushed me away and send me warning sign so I stood aside.
She disappeared then, and my mother comforted me and went inside to question father about what had happened; I was left alone in the yard, when I heard Una-Naghill's voice calling me to meet her in Dolaea"r.
She invites me to sit in front of her, asking if I understood why she had slapped my face, and warned me to answer anything she asked. I was so scared of her that I didn't dare to talk back and nodded. She frowned and ordered to answer with my voice, not head jerks. Then she repeated her question, looking right into my eyes. I said perhaps I did something inappropriate, and she nodded.
"-Not only is it impolite, it is very dangerous. Do you greet every stranger this way?
-No, I don't. Only my mother, father and the Daenair. 
-Haromin Viroka, - she said coldly, - you can not judge strangers by their appearance. Did you see my Yah colours? 
-I saw them! Mother showed me all...
-Still, you must be alert. Did you mother tell you about the Hunt and the traitors among girars?
-Yes, I know that. And...
Naghill abruptly stopped me.
-Enough. Do not answer about what had not been asked. Less words, more quick thoughts. Understood? 
-Now, how do you greet me when you see me next time? Show me.
I stood up, took four steps back and knelt, tucking my skirt under. I put straight hands together in and extended joined thumbs and index fingers, then laid them down and lowered my head to touch the ground. 
Naghill laughed.
-Are you asking me to let you in, or inviting me?
I blushed, feeling stupid: what I did was not greeting, but permission to enter.
Then I opened my hands and laid them down with my palms open to the sky.
-Well, that's acceptable. Who has taught you, Viroka Junior?
-Aensa U-Taeimur, and Una Liyun and sometimes her sister...
-Hal. - she helped. - I got it. Well, you've got way to go. 
Now you know how to behave with the guests. Some don't like to be touched and you must respect their wish to remain untact. Did you learn your lesson?
-Yes, I did,- I responded, - I am very grateful to you. 
I bowed down to her, with my left hand fingers around my right wrist. 
When raised my head, she had almost dispersed in Dolaea"r, as I heard her distant voice:
"Shi Alvush"
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He was on his way back to the town he had left ages ago. The lockdown on Golleg's island gave him enough time to think and decide, so now he knew exactly what to do.
He, Llava Hyffes of the Thousand Names, was going to gain the City of the Wells, and turn it solely into the Daenair land.
None shall be here, but us.

Sad and lost, Llava was walking on the abandoned streets, looking at the now dead places where his life had began. 
This is what can happen to the city that had lost its soul. The people left, and thus had gone the spirit, the life.
There weren't a single living being around. 
Over three hundred years had swept through the squares and shafts, the once beloved city lied there dead, gloomily staring at him with the empty black holes of its windows.
-This is the place to be at, - he thought, - this is where we settle. The dog will finally catch its tail, the circle will be complete, the girars will end up where they started.
Llava stood in a narrow street that lead to the ruins of what once was a small library, Gresig's home and tea house, where he met those people who hadn't had a shadow of a thought about what their fate would bring and who shared their lives with him.
-Here is where we all return.- he said aloud, closing his eyes and rising his arms to gather the light of his Yah and transform it into matter, creating an entrance into the Passage, which is going to remain open till due time.
He entered the Passage and looked around, seeking for a sign, a signal that would lead him to the one who could pierce the time, as he had a plan in mind and there was only one to help him make it real.

The midday sun was streaming through the tree leaves, beaming right into her eyes. As her mother once taught her, she half closed her eyelids so the rays and the shadows danced, mixed and shimmered, getting her dizzy and dragging her mind into a awaken dream.
Mother, do not let me find you, she begged in her trance, do not let me see where you are. 
The shadows were shaking wildly, twisting and twinkling, as they grew thicker and took a shape of a face...the face she knew well and begged her soul to forget.
She closed her eyes tightly to stop the vision and kept very still, for a moment she thought it was gone, yet there he was, right before her he stood, as real as her own skin, the man she fell for when she was a little dreamful overexcited girl, the same man whose feet she once was warming up with her little hands and her breath near the fire at the backyard of her father's house.
-You came to surrender, didn't you, U-Hyffes? - she said, knittig her brow.-You must know that we are chasing the girars around the worlds, have you lost your mind?
Llava never said a word, instead waiting fot her to get up and greet him.
-Ah, perhaps, you are expecting me to drop my knees and roll in the dust, like my stupid mother would do for you?
-You speak like her, Romi. 
The woman shrudded as he had called her by a pet name, then waved her long dark hair back and stood up in front of him.
-It can be the last word for you to say. Though, I may give you a chance to flee. Catch you later, I am not in the mood to deal with you now. Use you as a bait...why shouldn't I? 
You were a bait once, weren't you? The Six had their most shameful moments there, and they suffered for your sake, Binni.
How long did it take you to find me, by the way?
It must have been years, right?
-Your help is needed, Ritsoni*.
-That's why you dare to bring up my title? - she said, twisting her mouth sideways in a sarcastic smile, but underneath her voice whispered in his head: "Please, he will kill you, he is insane, go, alai, do not let Morrowo get you!"
Llava didn't move a muscle and kept staring into her face.
"-Follow me." - he whispered back and stepped aside, showing her the trembling matter of his Dolaea"r, and she did.
Haromin got through the veil separating them from the Passage, and there he stood, in an appearance she had never seen before: clad in a golden and magenta robe, with the mask of Silence on his face and the Copper Sphere in his right hand, half hidden within wide sleeves. 
This was not the lost man who came out of imprisonment without an aim on his way or a thought on his mind, she was seeing an enigmatic and majestic creature of no age or gender, the Silent Daenair, ancient and incredible.
-There is a power in you that is incomprehencible for me. - he said in his quiet, enchanting voice, - the power of going through time. There are things to change, and I beg you for assisstance. Please, don't reject me.
He bowed to her and folded his fingers in the Obligation Gesture.
Haromin narrowed her eyes.
-Why couldn't you ask my father? Wait...what had happened?
Llava hesitated, then sighed in despair.
-I have lost trace of Aensatsu. He disappear from any of the worlds that are known to me. Neither can I find the Daenair ladies. 
-What are you saying? - whispered Haromin, - You mean, everyone's gone?
-Yes. And they are not within the passage or anywhere I could reach. I know that Keranomu has been in Haelegaes and ruled it, and then one day he left and disappeared as well. Golleg, if you wonder about her role in this, is oblivious. She said she could not hear or see her sister anymore, and I must say, it could not be more amusing to see that lady so frustrated.
Yet, Haromin didn't smile.
-Llava, I am the leader of the hunters who destroy the girars families. I am the traitor and criminal. Why don't you confront me?

-I know what and why are you doing. I am not the one to judge you. Haromin, you must...
-Llava, he did it! - suddenly screamed the woman, - Sumanin, the gran-ar, the Passage Guardian! he was catching my mother and the ladies in the passage after they died, and then killing them! they are dead, dead forever. 
Haromin yelled and fell on the ground, crying and hiding her face in her hands. 
-I read his memories, he kept killing them over and over, until they never came back to the passage.
They are all dead... 
-If that's what you've seen, it explains their absence. Though, I believe, none of them had lost existance.
-He was bragging that he knew how to destroy farva! Morrowo...he is damned insane cadavre!
Llava took off his mask, and she saw his eyes again. He seemed calm and impartial, but his eyes now had a new look. 
He raised the woman to let her see that, and she did, and she felt it; her heart ached and she was ashamed for everything she had done, regrets, she had plenty. 
-We are together now, - he said to her, - I won't leave you, and we will seek for our family to let them see each other once again.

*Ritsoni - "the one that can pierce the time"( ri =time; tsoruga= pierce, penetrate; "ni= ani, postfix meaning "able, the one who can")

The Nest

Oct. 22nd, 2012 10:24 am
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Father ( I called him "naenae", like all girar children do) has made it for me, my nest bed, all green and blue, soft like a cloud. Every night I crawled into it, cuddling up with my blanket, rere stroked my hair and I tell her stories and we sang and talked until one of us got really sleepy.

Naenae usually came home in the early morning, the time me and rere were fast asleep. I made myself get up and sit in the hall waiting for him, so I can greet him first.
I felt I wouldn't cope anymore, so I took a half of rere's broken pencil and wrote on a small piece of paper:
"Naenae, if you find me sleeping, please wake me up so I can say "morning" to you. Please do not take me to bed and go to sleep, Roro would be very sad."

 Neither him, nor rere had ever told me off for being childish, to my great surprise: when they came back, I expected them, the first girars and immortals, to be strict and ascethic, demanding, but  instead they gave me all their love.
Looking back, I can say: those were the best years of my life. 
Father had forgiven my horrible attitude I throw him when I was three, he saw me having changed greatly, and he was pleased and proud of me.
There wasn't a day without us two having at least a short talk, asking about each other's day.


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