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Given name: Haromin Viroka
Nickname: Heleges, Roro, Romi
Hair: long wavy dark
Eyes: green
Age: varies, most chosen – 9, 15, 22
She was three when the Daenair disappeared, had been raised by Kaettohi until she turned 5, then taken by her elder stepbrother Alahir.
Her parents are back after missing three years, to find a nine years old girl. She stays this way until the Lockdown in Golleg's asyl"m, when she snatches 15 years old body.
During the Last Round Haromin is a young woman of 22.

Height: 182
Body: slender, strong
Yah colours: magenta, gold, dark blue
Yah abilities: a-daenair, opening probable worlds.
Danger: high
Spouses: Iso Zabjh, Llava Hyffes
Children: unknown
Fears: being abandoned
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Given Name: Alahir Zabjh
Nicknames: Lord Judge, Captain
Hair: dark, straight, short
Eyes: grey
Age: 26 – early 30s,
Height: 185

Body: tall, muscular, strong.
Personality: impatient, introvert, well-bred, polite, judgemental, snobbish, straightforward, conservative.
Danger: Middle
Spouses: Aelehik (undercover girar)
Children: Anku, Hatannir, Ramiiv (with Aelehik)
Fears: unknown
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Round Seven
The Gran-air arrive to a new city after being
respawned and instantly captured by the Poyge sect, 
who watch the unconcious strangers emerging from the thin air and tie them up one by one, 
first nailing Llava to the table with a steel rod through his palm, then forcing Maniiv to humiliate and beat Fernollg, then she gets raped by Keranomu while the children stab Llava's limbs.
The nightmare is over when Naghill starts playing zimarhin outside, luring the children out and taunting them, misleading them to give freshly respawned Hjotennir time to get ready and come for the rescue.
He realizes that he must now fight alone against dozens of deranged kids. With Naghill urging and empowering him, he calls for the captured Daenair begging them to think him whatever it takes. Gathering his Yah's might, he becomes the empty shell, filled with the Naryi ("water", or energy),  letting it pass through his body and Yah. At some point, he realizes that obtains the power of Omnipresence: he could stand at any point of the world, in front of each person, fighting ones and comforting the others. After having pulled himself together, Hjotennir knocks unconcious all the Poyge child warriors and frees the Daenair, while Naghill kills the Poyge Chief. 
Llava had lost a lot of blood and was in a critical condition, Hjot was exhausted after the Omnipresence blast, the other three were so ashamed of their weakness and failure that they refused to talk at all. 
Naghill took care of all them, putting them together on the ground in the way they used to sleep (in a circle, face up, head to head), she made everyone holding each other's hands, then joined them. 
She led them into the meditation, to make then feel united, fill them with willing, and their Yahir merged together fully for the first time.
They were found by Gresig who showed them way to the nearest city.
Maniiv contacts with its soul and says its friendly and welcoming. They are accepted by the city's Yah and start finding their living.
Gresig hints that they


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