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Gran-air, the first group of runaway travellers, included people of various social background and races.
According to the official citizen ranking table of Yüv,
the society was split into following classes:

High Upper
Middle Upper
Lower Upper

High Middle
Lower Middle

High Lower
Middle Lower

Marginals and outcasts were not considered as a rank and thus ignored by official statistics and census.

Major Races populating Yüv as of year of koor epoch:

Sebago h
Mogo f
Rotego n m k
Hidago l
Dalgo maena
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High-Level Girars seek retreat in their azeel"ms,  personalized virtual spaces where their creators can either isolate their Yahs or escape to in their bodies.

Fernollg's azeel"m

An antipode of her worst fear (emptyness and silence):
everything dear and close to her, an old panel house full of people and noises, laughter, chatter in communal corridors and kitchens, kids running around.
Everything's annoying and irreplacable.
Trap: dream in a dream in a dream (the victim confuses numerous realities, each of them contains clues to one another).

Naghill's azeel"m
From inside it looks like an ancient temple built of grey stone: tall ceiling disappearin in the dark, 
broad columns, a praying stone right under a narrow hole that lets a ray of bright light fall onto cold marble floor. 
Trap: visual tricks and illusions, driving the viewer insane.

 Llava's azeel"m

A deep autumn forest among the mountain peaks,
serene and smooth mirror of a pond within stoney shores. The path leads to a meadow with a wooden platform on it; the platform is separated by tall bookcases from a sleeping spot in the open air, on the front side there's a low tea-table with a pot and cups on a wooden tray. a large tin pot boils some water on a portable burner.
Trap: a swamp.

Keranomu's azeel"m

It's his own "teahouse", an exact copy of the "smalltalk chamber" he used to have in Haelegaes. 
It is a dark place with a slow-spinning caroussel of gazebos that look like giant flowers hanging upside down.  inside of each there's a table top and cushions, hidden by a thick curtain; such car can intake no more than three persons.
Trap: squeezing walls.

Hjotennir's azeel"m

High above the ground, miles and miles up away. Windy heights, bridges and passages connect flying rocks and mountain tops in the crystal sky.
Trap: endless fall...up into the sky. 

Maneev's azeel"m.

White sandy shore,  grass, a dark strip of forest seen from afar, the road running from the beach to the far hills. A tiny cabin standing on the shore, like a chubby bird standing on long thin legs. It has got windows facing each side, except of the Eastetn side which has a door. 
Detailed description of the cabin's inside is given in the chapter about Resurrection, when Fernollg gets into this azeel"m to gather memories of Mavi.
Trap: flood. 
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It's ...erhm... complicated.

Fern had an affair with Hoza at the Wells city, with more sex rather than affection.
They kept sleeping together occasionally during the Zero round, without getting much attached.

In the First Round, aka Yellow Granite city, Fernollg had really got interested in having Master solely for herself, and she became jealous and fierce and kept keeping Maniiv away from him all during the Second Round as well.
Not that she loved him, but wanted to own him as someone really worthy to keep.
He felt this and obviously showed her his unhappiness about being treated that way, whilst trying to sort out Viroka's crush on hm.

Some may ask: what about himself? How did it feel being hit on and fought for by the women?
Well, Naghill would blame it on his general "douchiness".
He enjoyed the sexual treats from Fernollg and appreciated her social and gold-digging skills, but his feelings didn't go outside the bedroom walls.
"He keeps his love to you in his pants, and that's where it belongs." - said Naghill to Fern once.
As for Maniiv, her relationship with Hoza were developing in a painful way.

During Zero round they both slightly dislike each other - her foolish youth, rebellious attitude and hot temper versus his deadpan snarkiness, arrogance and snobbery.
Later, that grew into comradary, as them two were bound in a strong team with Llava until her supoosed "death", where it became clear Hoza was caring for her.

He couldn't understand and accept her depressions and suicidal attempts, despising those and criticizing Maniiv for being weak-willed.
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The Passage is a hardly comprehensible place the girars get into after their deaths, before being respawned.
The Passage

After Maniiv had separated her body from her Yah, she neither was able to get back to her imaginary azeel"m, nor returning into her body, but instead she found herself in a certain space which gran-ars later called "The Passage". It was dark empty space, with no horizon, no walls or floor. There she met Sumanin Sani and Naghill, who had been there since they had died. From the far distance they looked like the colourful glowing, which at the closer glance resembled a sheet of fabric, but as they got closer, they could see the images of each other as they remembered them. Maniiv and Naghill confessed that they "knew who the persons they saw were by merely spotting their colours", although they didn't know how.
They were soon joined by the rest of the group: crying and scared Fernollg, bewildered Keranomu, Llava and lastly Hjotennir. Maniiv begged them to start a new life in a new world. Sumanin decided to stay in the Passage and become its guardian, as he wasn't interested in living human life again. 

The Daenair got to the Passage every time they died, without knowing it. Then, in a miraculous way, they all respawned in another world, usually differrent from the previous one. 
They would wake up right on the ground, sometimes next to each other, in their usual bodies, though Naghill and Keranomu used to switch between two images. 
The first time the Daenair used the Passage conciously was when they deliberately commited a group suicide by jumping off the Rainbow bridge in the end of Round 6. Their purpose was to return to Haeleges, and so they used their will and powers of intention to make the Passage open the right gateway for them. They woke up in the Passage and together stepped into the world they loved the most. 
In Round 8 Sumanin left the Passage to accomplish his mad desire to destroy the Daenair. Prior to that he was repeatedly killing the Daenair women as soon as he saw their Yah appearing in the Passage and followed them into a new respawning spot. He got carried away tormenting Maniiv, thus giving Naghill time to get concious, so she eventually knocked him out and killed injured and bleeding Fernollg and Maniiv, to let them respawn fresh and then she dragged them into the first gateway available.


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What is an azeel"m?

Azeel"m, or "a safe space" is a 
The first, "the intangible" azeel"m had been theoretically discovered by Gresig and Llava during their seclusion in the Zero round, and then independently by Maniiv in Round 1 (The Yellow City), who managed to create the space she could control and where she could hide her Yah. 
For this kind of practice the separation of body and mind was required. 

Maniiv was first to experience this, leaving her body breathless, with her heart seemingly stopped, making Llava and Hjotennir believe she was dead. 
When she regained conciousness, it was too late: her body was burnt and she had nowhere to return. 

Later on, Llava and her were able to do separation through meditation and trance. The rest had to use a drug called "sampaelu".


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