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The city on the shore of the Winter Sea in the northern lands of a realm the Daenair encountered during their 5th Round of respawns.
The city that became the undoing of the Six, a hungry beast with particular taste for the girar souls.
Rumas had left a permanent imprint in Hjotennir's yah, as the male girars tend to be more vulnerable to the influence of the cities, which can cause dramatic changes in their personality and behavior.
Staying in Rumas for over two months made Hoza impatient, gloomy and obsessed with his unreleased ideas.
His condition was worsened after he had intoxication from drinking infamous Vaïl-Roch liquor. The mixture had unleashed his suppressed subconscious frustration, weakened his self-control and allowed Rumas to turn Hoza against his biggest trouble - Viroka, and Viroka was the one Rumas truly desired to be destroyed.
Why would this city be so hostile toward a girar who spoke to it?
The reason was Maniiv's resistance and constant urging others to leave the city as soon as possible, as well as her gender.
The city of Rumas appeared to be quite a misogynistic creature.
The elder women of Daenair confirmed their health and mental condition were dreadful during the stay. However, neither Sandaraen, nor Hyffes were affected much, this could be explained by the fact that Ke is generally "numb and deaf" when it comes to interactions with the cities' souls. Llava, on the other hand, had always been extremely cautious and self-protective, ensuring the imapct on his yah is minimal.
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Cold round - cont.

Strange is the way each city affects a girar.
It's never the same. 
Every girar knows now that men undergo the city's powers easier than women, and women are better to get connected with city's Farva.
Among Daenair, Hjotennir suffers the city's impact the most, with his personality changing from calm to rageful, cheerful to depressed. Llava masters his true-face-hiding skills, although even he cannot resist a lot, but Keranomu got dubbed "Meathead" for being insensitive and city-proof. 
Maniiv is the best when establishing contact with a new city, as well as maintaining this connection and earning city's favour.
This rule doesn't work with Rumas, which rejects Maniiv's greeting and proves to be hostile and threatening to her, although never shows this to anyone else. 
The city makes Llava forgetful heavysleeper,  Naghill becomes unusually temperamental there, losing her cold judgemental mind; though, on the bright side, she succumbed to her emotions and transformed them into deep dark poetry. 
She leaves the group as soon as she gets to know her local fandom, and stays with them, moving from flat to flat, performing right there, in the kitchens and sitting rooms, later - in underground illegal poetry clubs.
She visits the Daenair's place occasionally, once asking the rest to accompany her, and they all play a few old songs, and nearly get into a fight after one of the listeners comments snarkily on "the old-ass cheezy tunes" and Maniiv's "sharp dingly voice", after which they leave and swear to never play together in Rumas again. 
Next time Naghill comes back is the infamous Vayeel-Roch party.
Fern and Ke are lucky ones to stay out of any touch with Rumas's Farva. They live in a blissful ignorance about what kind of place they are really facing, ingnorant is Hjotennir, who avoids everyone around him, becoming aggressive, grudgy, obsessed and slobby, which makes women suspicious about what could change him so much, Naghill is first to suggest it has something to do with the city's affect.
Time passes, and Hoza gets worse, pushing away Mavi and Fern, locking up in the barn or "working" day and night.
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The girars split and mislead the hunters, killing almost everyone, but then they lose time and must catch up with the "family" who stays near the bridge, so Ke, Llava and the strangers head there, the women find the Hunters' bunker and capture it, eliminating the remaining Hunters and getting their posessions and food. They spend there two nights waiting for the rain to stop, and during that stay Maniiv confesses to Fern that she feels she can't kill anymore. She says something has changed inside of her and she is not able to spill someone's blood easily, as "there's enough of it on her hands". 
Fern suggests that if she doesn't want to murder, she can just knock them out, but Mavi says she gets too carried away and can't stop when fighting.
They both admit they wish to get back to Haelegaes as soon as possible. The next day they set off on the Hunters' wagon, but Fernollg forgets to keep contact with Keranomu and loses the road, which leads them to a strange little town. It appears to be a community of settled humans, splitted in two parts - "minds" and "hands", elite and working class accordingly. The women are put to the test and separated thereafter. The test consisted of watching the extremely disturbing, gore and absurdly cruel beyond any reason made-believe scenes in an improvised theatre chamber, the scenes full of body horrors, homicide and tortures. The two of elite judge about the watcher by her reaction to what she sees. 
Maniiv is shocked and breaks down, letting judges assess her as "lowly non-analitical mind", while Fernollg keeps unimpressed, cynical and cool, and she joins the elite. 
Knowing they must escape fast, Fernollg finds out that the settlement is not guarded and anyone can leave it unobstructed, but no one yet wanted to...
Soon the elite brainwash her and try to convince that outsidd there's nothing but fog and woods, and every city is the same, so why not live in a better one, the borderless town where you do not need to worry about your life, because you have your place here, you do not have to think or care, just do what's prescribed.
Fern begs Maniiv to wait saying she's got a plan of how to grab more from this place, but dozen of days pass, and Fern is still hesitating, then Maniiv breaks into the "minds" territory, kills and knocks out guards, makes Fern to pick up as much loot as she can carry, and they flee from the town. 
When they are out, Fernollg tries to get in touch with Llava (who spent all this time along with Ke helping other girars and humans to escape Rumas and deliver them to the Bridge) and is greatly surprised, when he tells her she and Mavi have been out of reach for almost two moons. Fern blames herself and hurries to meet them, but instead of the bridge Llava asks her to drive to an abandoned industrial zone on the western side across the bridge. They drive slowly through thick fog, barely able to notice the road in front of them, and see mere shapes of the bridge rails. 
The wagon approaches the half-ruined factory, when Fernollg asks Naghill about their camp's whereabouts, then drives in the heart of the zone. The women get off at the dormitories, walk  into the inner court and Naghill leads her "follower", warning her Hoza is already here and "there might be a massive drama scene". 
They find a huge girar camp full of families, who had chosen this vast place suitable for their winter stay.  
Fern sees Naghill through the window and is a bit frightened at the sight of Hjotennir.
Naghill laughs signing to her: "What a pretty boy, uh? Don't worry, he is back and sane, only looks  like a bag of old coal."
Then Hoza notices Maniiv's presence and contacts her, making her stunned at first, then she rushes to the upstairs, led by her senses only, looking for him at the upper floors, and meets him at the flight of steps. 
They can't find words, spoken or non-spoken,
 he kneels and hugs her legs, and they stand there while the time around them stops, and Maniiv transfers them into the Rain Chamber, where they make love and fall asleep in each other's arms.
They join the Daenair women in the court and announce their strange and alarming decision about returning to the Rumas on their own, because "Hoza has got an unfinished machine to build". Naghill is surprisingly calm about this, but Fern is deadly worried, remembering the awful changes the city made to Hoza, but Mavi swears she is going to protect him from the impacts, and already made a plan of entering the city unnoticed.
They depart, agreeing to leave the city as soon as they finish their job.
When Keranomu and Llava learn about this, they are shocked, and scold Fern because she didn't warn them two, and they wouldn't let that happened in the world. 
She gets obligation to get in touch with Maniiv every fortnight, to make sure the couple is all right.


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One of Hoza's not-so-numerous hobbies was roof-riding and rope-walking.
After getting rid of his fear of heights, he became obsessed with them, climbing every tall building or mountain he could find.
And the new world they had respawned into held a gift for him.

During the Cold City round, the Daenair had met a group of girars who told them about an amazing engineering wonder of the northern lands - The Sunshine Bridge, an enormous structure linking the two sides of the Black River canyon. They had shared a map of the local wastelands, and the Daenair made up a plan: get to the nearest city for some supplies and then travel down south-east to see the Bridge.
The girars ( who belonged to the Vohim "The Fifth" generation) warn them of the Hunters. It turned out that the Hunters had survived a few generations of the girar prosecutors, and spreaded all across the Wastelands, with some of them breaching through the time holes into the parallel worlds to chase girars and destroy them for the Cities sake.

It turns to be true, as the Daenair bump into the Hunters camp, and even recognize of of their old enemies. They get away unnoticed to move towards the centre of the Northern Wastelands - Rumas.
Right after trying to establish connection with the City, Maniiv has a fright and says they must not stay there for long.
The Daenair realize this world has too much in common with the previous one - they share similiar language, there are Hunters and the girars they have met treat them with awe and fear, or simply don't believe that these are the Daenair. It seems that this time they haven't breach the world matter, but jumped through the time hole instead to find themselves becoming a myth.
This helps Naghill greatly and she gets recognized; she appears to be the only one who can make any money in this city. The fact is, this is a post-industrial place, with lots of abandoned factories, non-functioning workshops, with the only opportunity for males, which is
Llava and Fernollg become janitors, and Fern soon finds the way to get apartment cleaning job, which she also uses as a cover for sex business.
Ke hangs out with Naghill's fans or helps Maniiv, who is left at their flat as a house- and azeel'm keeper.
Hoza is devastated - no one needs his engineering or constructing skills, he tries to become a cook, but quits soon, disgusted by the humiliation he gets and ridiculously low wages. The clouds gather over his head, he becomes easily irritated, quiet and gloomy, rejecting Maniiv's care and constantly demanding everyone to leave him alone. He breaks into an empty flat across the hall from their place and prefers to stay there most of the time. Later, he finds a chance to get money by collecting scrap metal around the city, and he seems to get back to his normal self, he takes Maniiv with him to help him stealing all he had collected, so they get both money and materials.
They find a barn on the outskirts, in the remote location, and keep all the scrap and tools there, as Hoza becomes obsessed with his new project: the Flyer.

Vayeel-Roch accident

Fernollg gets a bottle of very rare liqueour from one of her clients and shares it with the family at the dinner table. Everyone, except Llava and Mavi, gets drunk fast. The thing is, Vayeel-Roch liqueour causes a peculiour effect on those who consume it:
it works both as strong alcohol and a Truth Serum; the consumer loses control over his or her emotions and actions, while being totally aware of what they do. The cruelest part is that during the hangover (which can surely take one's will to wake up again) Yah doesn't let a girar to sink into a pleasant oblivion or hide any truth underneath the layers of memories, so that all the shame and sorrow one gains is there, revealed.

As the drink takes is effect, Keranomu and Fernollg make fun of Hoza and Mavi, mocking their relationship, belittling Hoza's manhood and blaming him for being indecisive and weak-willed. They get too far and make Hjotennir lose his temper, as he swears back at them, and yelling that he will show them some manhood grabs Maniiv over his shoulder, carries her into the flat across the hall and locks the door.
The girars laugh and say that he couple finally gets laid, then Naghill passes out completely drunk, Fernollg and Ke try to make sex on the table, but fall asleep instead. Llava, who has been watching it all with silent repelling, cleans around, drags their unconcious bodies to beds and meditates. He ignores the screaming from across the hall, thinking that Mavi and Hoza make love.
In the morning he goes out to sweep the stairs and finds Maniiv sitting there, pale, trembling, with marks and bruises covering her face and hands. Llava brings her a hot drink and she passes him her memories about the last night, which show that Hjotennir has forced her to undress, raped and beat her badly, all over her body, with his fists and feet, torn her clothes, and kept beating and raping her all through the night, untill he got tired, threw her down on the floor and fell into drunk sleep.

In the morning Maniiv and Llava serve the three suffering Daenair life-saving hangover beverage, Naghill feels bad and throws up, Ke and Fern apologize for their behaviour last night (because they remember every single word they have said and each move they have done), then Ke asks why is her clothes all torn and dirty, Maniiv is reluctant, but Llava displays the story through Maniiv's eyes. Ke demands to take a look at her injuries, and takes off her clothes and they see the belt stripes across her hips and back, lots of bruises and bite marks. Maniiv begs them to hear her previous suspicions about what could influence Hjot so badly, and she says he cannot stay within Rumas anymore.
Fernollg goes to check on Hoza and finds the flat door open and him gone.
She and Keranomu find him later at his barn, knock him unconscious and load into their wagon left outside of the city borderline. Very soon everyone gather near sewer pipe, joined by three people who wanted to escape from the city with help from girars.
When they get to the wagon, Hjotennir isn't there and Naghill sets off to find him. The rest follow her, but once they unite again, the Hunters find them and the fight begins



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