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There's a tense moment between Viroka and Nax in the Women Camp, when Nax's disciple Asin"Li runs into Viroka's tent and interrupts her while she was talking to the other women.
Maniiv gets furious and she rises her hand to slap the girl on her face, knowing that Nax is watching them.

"...get the grip and keep your distance"
Those are the words Nax had once said to young Haromin Viroka, back to their Haeleges life in the 7th Round.

Naghill came to talk to Hoza and was met by his 9-year-old daughter,
who was excited to see her and ran to hug her with wide-spread arms, happily screaming, and was punished for this "inappropriate behaviour":
she gave her a sound slap and told her off in her cold, stern manner, with a desired effect - Romi didn't talk or touch Nax.
This incident wasn't left unnoticed by Romi's mother. Maniiv saw the scene and confronted Nax, as fierce as a mother protecting her cub could be.
From that day on she refused to stay in the same room with Naghill and avoided her, warning her that if she ever lays her finger on Romi, there'll be a duel and there'll be blood.
They remained distant until the Dallan Has (The Great Fire) festival, when Llava's arrival had helped to break the ice between them.
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Given name: Haromin Viroka
Nickname: Heleges, Roro, Romi
Hair: long wavy dark
Eyes: green
Age: varies, most chosen – 9, 15, 22
She was three when the Daenair disappeared, had been raised by Kaettohi until she turned 5, then taken by her elder stepbrother Alahir.
Her parents are back after missing three years, to find a nine years old girl. She stays this way until the Lockdown in Golleg's asyl"m, when she snatches 15 years old body.
During the Last Round Haromin is a young woman of 22.

Height: 182
Body: slender, strong
Yah colours: magenta, gold, dark blue
Yah abilities: a-daenair, opening probable worlds.
Danger: high
Spouses: Iso Zabjh, Llava Hyffes
Children: unknown
Fears: being abandoned
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Given Name: Alahir Zabjh
Nicknames: Lord Judge, Captain
Hair: dark, straight, short
Eyes: grey
Age: 26 – early 30s,
Height: 185

Body: tall, muscular, strong.
Personality: impatient, introvert, well-bred, polite, judgemental, snobbish, straightforward, conservative.
Danger: Middle
Spouses: Aelehik (undercover girar)
Children: Anku, Hatannir, Ramiiv (with Aelehik)
Fears: unknown
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Given Name: Iso Gaennek (later - Zabjh)
Nicknames: Zabjh Junior, the Mole
Hair: dark, straight
Eyes: grey
Age: 18-23
Height: 174

Body: slim
Personality: workaholic, intellectual, cowardish, creative, polite.
Yah Abilities: fast moving, durable
Yah Colours: dark steel, pink, brown
Danger: Low
Spouses: none
Children: none
Fears: sudden changes

The Nest

Oct. 22nd, 2012 10:24 am
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Father ( I called him "naenae", like all girar children do) has made it for me, my nest bed, all green and blue, soft like a cloud. Every night I crawled into it, cuddling up with my blanket, rere stroked my hair and I tell her stories and we sang and talked until one of us got really sleepy.

Naenae usually came home in the early morning, the time me and rere were fast asleep. I made myself get up and sit in the hall waiting for him, so I can greet him first.
I felt I wouldn't cope anymore, so I took a half of rere's broken pencil and wrote on a small piece of paper:
"Naenae, if you find me sleeping, please wake me up so I can say "morning" to you. Please do not take me to bed and go to sleep, Roro would be very sad."

 Neither him, nor rere had ever told me off for being childish, to my great surprise: when they came back, I expected them, the first girars and immortals, to be strict and ascethic, demanding, but  instead they gave me all their love.
Looking back, I can say: those were the best years of my life. 
Father had forgiven my horrible attitude I throw him when I was three, he saw me having changed greatly, and he was pleased and proud of me.
There wasn't a day without us two having at least a short talk, asking about each other's day.


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