Ogi Family

Nov. 7th, 2012 09:21 pm
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Ogi was one of the biggest Girar clans, with about 12 families and numerous adopted progeny. The Daenair encounter the Ogi family during their fifth round in the Northern Lands.
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Given Name: Hjotennir Zabjh
Nicknames: Lord Master, The Driver, Hoza, Aensa
Hair: dark, wavy, neck length
Eyes: green
Age: late 30s – early 40s,
Height: 186

Body: slim but strong ( smithy and handcraft require muscle work),
no special features.
Personality: workaholic, intellectual, calm, introvert, pietic, hesitating, creative, well-bred, restrained, polite.
Yah Abilities: omnipresence,
Yah Colours: azure, deep blue green, dark steel.
Danger: Varies
Spouses: Gan Patikh (deceased), The Sixth Daenair
Children: Alahir (with Gan), Haromin (with Maniiv), (probable children) Livari and Kani (with Maniiv); adopted: (real )Iso, (probable) Asii.
Fears: height (cured)

Being an inventor and explorer, he is far from a "mad scientist" type. Focused, thorough and reasonable - those were the three words his mentor described him with.
It is hard indeed to be his partner, for Hoza loses the connection with the outer world while working on his prpjects.

"I'm just driving the omnibus", - he used to say.

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Given Name: Naghill Varae
Nicknames: Nahhi, Galv”Sayarhin (The One who can play seven strings), The Fire Keeper, Skeleton Auntie
Hair: curly, dark orange, shoulder length
Eyes: blue
Age: late 30s – early 40s,
Height: 179
Body: very thin, hard and bony, a X-shaped scar across the back,
Personality: artistic, merciless, sarcastic, profane, impartial, arrogant, selfish
Yah Abilities: penetrate the dreams, hold asyl”m defense,
Yah colours: black, orange, silver
Danger: low
Spouses: none
Children: none
Fears: mutilation and skin removal

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Given name: Keranomu Sandaren
Nickname: Ke, Jingle Bell, Sek-Velir
Hair: straight, bright orange, wild haircuts, dreadlocks, sideburns.
Eyes: deep blue
Age: 25-30
Height: 187
Body: moderately muscular but tend to get plump if not kept fit.
Personality: cheerful, sadistic, risky, tough, challenging, dolcevitaer, easy going
Yah Abilities: energy boost,
Yah Colours: lilac, yellow, green
Danger: medium
Spouses: none
Children: none
Fears: his own weakness,
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Given name: Llava Hyffes
Nickname: thousand names, the Monk, Silent One
Hair: Black, curly, short or pony-tailed
Eyes: brown
Age: 20-28
Height: 165
Body: stout, fit, muscular
Personality: loner, quiet, humble, obedient, hard-headed, stubborn,
Yah Abilities: storage room, call of girars, scream
Yah Colours: white, black, green
Danger: high
Spouses: Haromin Viroka
Children: none
Fears: failure
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Given name: Maniiv Viroka
Nickname: Dzimma-chi, mouse-cat, Mavi
Hair: wavy, dark blonde/light brown, waist length
Eyes: grey
Height: 160
Body: stout, curvy, fit if trimmed.
Personality: kind, forgiving, hot-headed, emotional, introvert, mad, loner, slob, selfish, childish, nerdy.
Yah Abilities: creating asyl”m, protection shields
Yah Colours: light grey, golden, azure
Danger: high
Spouses: Hjotennir Zabjh
Children: Haromin (with Hjot)
Fears: sounds

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Given name: Bjro Gresig
Nickname: the Seventh
Hair: brown
Eyes: grey
Age: 50-60
Height: 170
Body: normal
Yah colours: black, rose, white
Yah abilities:
Danger: medium
Spouses: none
Children: Uris
Fears: unknown
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Given Name: Alahir Zabjh
Nicknames: Lord Judge, Captain
Hair: dark, straight, short
Eyes: grey
Age: 26 – early 30s,
Height: 185

Body: tall, muscular, strong.
Personality: impatient, introvert, well-bred, polite, judgemental, snobbish, straightforward, conservative.
Danger: Middle
Spouses: Aelehik (undercover girar)
Children: Anku, Hatannir, Ramiiv (with Aelehik)
Fears: unknown
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The Third
Given Name: Fernollg Mazran
Nicknames: Hatna-chi, Madame F, Fern
Hair: brown, straight, shoulder length max
Eyes: brown
Age: early 30s
Height: 175
Body: slender, sexy,
Personality: ambitious, risky, kind-hearted, easy virtuous, gambler, tough,
Yah Abilities: visionary, communicator
Yah Colours: dark purple, scarlet, snowy white
Danger: low
Spouses: Salvo Sobenii Kalavih (divorced), numerous false marriages
Children: Faliyi (father unknown), numerous abortions.
Fears: empty spaces, silence, physical pain.


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