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One of Hoza's not-so-numerous hobbies was roof-riding and rope-walking.
After getting rid of his fear of heights, he became obsessed with them, climbing every tall building or mountain he could find.
And the new world they had respawned into held a gift for him.

During the Cold City round, the Daenair had met a group of girars who told them about an amazing engineering wonder of the northern lands - The Sunshine Bridge, an enormous structure linking the two sides of the Black River canyon. They had shared a map of the local wastelands, and the Daenair made up a plan: get to the nearest city for some supplies and then travel down south-east to see the Bridge.
The girars ( who belonged to the Vohim "The Fifth" generation) warn them of the Hunters. It turned out that the Hunters had survived a few generations of the girar prosecutors, and spreaded all across the Wastelands, with some of them breaching through the time holes into the parallel worlds to chase girars and destroy them for the Cities sake.

It turns to be true, as the Daenair bump into the Hunters camp, and even recognize of of their old enemies. They get away unnoticed to move towards the centre of the Northern Wastelands - Rumas.
Right after trying to establish connection with the City, Maniiv has a fright and says they must not stay there for long.
The Daenair realize this world has too much in common with the previous one - they share similiar language, there are Hunters and the girars they have met treat them with awe and fear, or simply don't believe that these are the Daenair. It seems that this time they haven't breach the world matter, but jumped through the time hole instead to find themselves becoming a myth.
This helps Naghill greatly and she gets recognized; she appears to be the only one who can make any money in this city. The fact is, this is a post-industrial place, with lots of abandoned factories, non-functioning workshops, with the only opportunity for males, which is
Llava and Fernollg become janitors, and Fern soon finds the way to get apartment cleaning job, which she also uses as a cover for sex business.
Ke hangs out with Naghill's fans or helps Maniiv, who is left at their flat as a house- and azeel'm keeper.
Hoza is devastated - no one needs his engineering or constructing skills, he tries to become a cook, but quits soon, disgusted by the humiliation he gets and ridiculously low wages. The clouds gather over his head, he becomes easily irritated, quiet and gloomy, rejecting Maniiv's care and constantly demanding everyone to leave him alone. He breaks into an empty flat across the hall from their place and prefers to stay there most of the time. Later, he finds a chance to get money by collecting scrap metal around the city, and he seems to get back to his normal self, he takes Maniiv with him to help him stealing all he had collected, so they get both money and materials.
They find a barn on the outskirts, in the remote location, and keep all the scrap and tools there, as Hoza becomes obsessed with his new project: the Flyer.

Vayeel-Roch accident

Fernollg gets a bottle of very rare liqueour from one of her clients and shares it with the family at the dinner table. Everyone, except Llava and Mavi, gets drunk fast. The thing is, Vayeel-Roch liqueour causes a peculiour effect on those who consume it:
it works both as strong alcohol and a Truth Serum; the consumer loses control over his or her emotions and actions, while being totally aware of what they do. The cruelest part is that during the hangover (which can surely take one's will to wake up again) Yah doesn't let a girar to sink into a pleasant oblivion or hide any truth underneath the layers of memories, so that all the shame and sorrow one gains is there, revealed.

As the drink takes is effect, Keranomu and Fernollg make fun of Hoza and Mavi, mocking their relationship, belittling Hoza's manhood and blaming him for being indecisive and weak-willed. They get too far and make Hjotennir lose his temper, as he swears back at them, and yelling that he will show them some manhood grabs Maniiv over his shoulder, carries her into the flat across the hall and locks the door.
The girars laugh and say that he couple finally gets laid, then Naghill passes out completely drunk, Fernollg and Ke try to make sex on the table, but fall asleep instead. Llava, who has been watching it all with silent repelling, cleans around, drags their unconcious bodies to beds and meditates. He ignores the screaming from across the hall, thinking that Mavi and Hoza make love.
In the morning he goes out to sweep the stairs and finds Maniiv sitting there, pale, trembling, with marks and bruises covering her face and hands. Llava brings her a hot drink and she passes him her memories about the last night, which show that Hjotennir has forced her to undress, raped and beat her badly, all over her body, with his fists and feet, torn her clothes, and kept beating and raping her all through the night, untill he got tired, threw her down on the floor and fell into drunk sleep.

In the morning Maniiv and Llava serve the three suffering Daenair life-saving hangover beverage, Naghill feels bad and throws up, Ke and Fern apologize for their behaviour last night (because they remember every single word they have said and each move they have done), then Ke asks why is her clothes all torn and dirty, Maniiv is reluctant, but Llava displays the story through Maniiv's eyes. Ke demands to take a look at her injuries, and takes off her clothes and they see the belt stripes across her hips and back, lots of bruises and bite marks. Maniiv begs them to hear her previous suspicions about what could influence Hjot so badly, and she says he cannot stay within Rumas anymore.
Fernollg goes to check on Hoza and finds the flat door open and him gone.
She and Keranomu find him later at his barn, knock him unconscious and load into their wagon left outside of the city borderline. Very soon everyone gather near sewer pipe, joined by three people who wanted to escape from the city with help from girars.
When they get to the wagon, Hjotennir isn't there and Naghill sets off to find him. The rest follow her, but once they unite again, the Hunters find them and the fight begins

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That's them.
Their height had always been the source for endless inner jokes.
For instance,  Mavi and Llava use to be sent off for any errand  as "The Axe-Crazy Dwarf Squad".
And don't believe Fernollg: she's much shorter without her heels.
As if it's not enough that Hoza and Naghill are quite tall, they are also thinnest of the gang, making poor Ke jealous - the guy puts on weight from just looking at the food.

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It's ...erhm... complicated.

Fern had an affair with Hoza at the Wells city, with more sex rather than affection.
They kept sleeping together occasionally during the Zero round, without getting much attached.

In the First Round, aka Yellow Granite city, Fernollg had really got interested in having Master solely for herself, and she became jealous and fierce and kept keeping Maniiv away from him all during the Second Round as well.
Not that she loved him, but wanted to own him as someone really worthy to keep.
He felt this and obviously showed her his unhappiness about being treated that way, whilst trying to sort out Viroka's crush on hm.

Some may ask: what about himself? How did it feel being hit on and fought for by the women?
Well, Naghill would blame it on his general "douchiness".
He enjoyed the sexual treats from Fernollg and appreciated her social and gold-digging skills, but his feelings didn't go outside the bedroom walls.
"He keeps his love to you in his pants, and that's where it belongs." - said Naghill to Fern once.
As for Maniiv, her relationship with Hoza were developing in a painful way.

During Zero round they both slightly dislike each other - her foolish youth, rebellious attitude and hot temper versus his deadpan snarkiness, arrogance and snobbery.
Later, that grew into comradary, as them two were bound in a strong team with Llava until her supoosed "death", where it became clear Hoza was caring for her.

He couldn't understand and accept her depressions and suicidal attempts, despising those and criticizing Maniiv for being weak-willed.

Ogi Family

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Ogi was one of the biggest Girar clans, with about 12 families and numerous adopted progeny. The Daenair encounter the Ogi family during their fifth round in the Northern Lands.
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Bowing is a part of Girar tradition there's nothing humiliating or kinky about it.
That's totally fine for Llava, as he's naturally quiet, pietic and polite young man.
Ke's a mocking bird and a clown, so I suspect him comically sticking his ass up into the air and making a monkey face so only Llava could see.
There's a chance, though, that he is not aping in front of Llava too much.
Not to hurt his feelings. It's always been love, you see.
(Nevertheless, it's pretty hard to hurt Llava's feelings at all ;)
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The Passage is a hardly comprehensible place the girars get into after their deaths, before being respawned.
The Passage

After Maniiv had separated her body from her Yah, she neither was able to get back to her imaginary azeel"m, nor returning into her body, but instead she found herself in a certain space which gran-ars later called "The Passage". It was dark empty space, with no horizon, no walls or floor. There she met Sumanin Sani and Naghill, who had been there since they had died. From the far distance they looked like the colourful glowing, which at the closer glance resembled a sheet of fabric, but as they got closer, they could see the images of each other as they remembered them. Maniiv and Naghill confessed that they "knew who the persons they saw were by merely spotting their colours", although they didn't know how.
They were soon joined by the rest of the group: crying and scared Fernollg, bewildered Keranomu, Llava and lastly Hjotennir. Maniiv begged them to start a new life in a new world. Sumanin decided to stay in the Passage and become its guardian, as he wasn't interested in living human life again. 

The Daenair got to the Passage every time they died, without knowing it. Then, in a miraculous way, they all respawned in another world, usually differrent from the previous one. 
They would wake up right on the ground, sometimes next to each other, in their usual bodies, though Naghill and Keranomu used to switch between two images. 
The first time the Daenair used the Passage conciously was when they deliberately commited a group suicide by jumping off the Rainbow bridge in the end of Round 6. Their purpose was to return to Haeleges, and so they used their will and powers of intention to make the Passage open the right gateway for them. They woke up in the Passage and together stepped into the world they loved the most. 
In Round 8 Sumanin left the Passage to accomplish his mad desire to destroy the Daenair. Prior to that he was repeatedly killing the Daenair women as soon as he saw their Yah appearing in the Passage and followed them into a new respawning spot. He got carried away tormenting Maniiv, thus giving Naghill time to get concious, so she eventually knocked him out and killed injured and bleeding Fernollg and Maniiv, to let them respawn fresh and then she dragged them into the first gateway available.


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What is an azeel"m?

Azeel"m, or "a safe space" is a 
The first, "the intangible" azeel"m had been theoretically discovered by Gresig and Llava during their seclusion in the Zero round, and then independently by Maniiv in Round 1 (The Yellow City), who managed to create the space she could control and where she could hide her Yah. 
For this kind of practice the separation of body and mind was required. 

Maniiv was first to experience this, leaving her body breathless, with her heart seemingly stopped, making Llava and Hjotennir believe she was dead. 
When she regained conciousness, it was too late: her body was burnt and she had nowhere to return. 

Later on, Llava and her were able to do separation through meditation and trance. The rest had to use a drug called "sampaelu".
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Given Name: Hjotennir Zabjh
Nicknames: Lord Master, The Driver, Hoza, Aensa
Hair: dark, wavy, neck length
Eyes: green
Age: late 30s – early 40s,
Height: 186

Body: slim but strong ( smithy and handcraft require muscle work),
no special features.
Personality: workaholic, intellectual, calm, introvert, pietic, hesitating, creative, well-bred, restrained, polite.
Yah Abilities: omnipresence,
Yah Colours: azure, deep blue green, dark steel.
Danger: Varies
Spouses: Gan Patikh (deceased), The Sixth Daenair
Children: Alahir (with Gan), Haromin (with Maniiv), (probable children) Livari and Kani (with Maniiv); adopted: (real )Iso, (probable) Asii.
Fears: height (cured)

Being an inventor and explorer, he is far from a "mad scientist" type. Focused, thorough and reasonable - those were the three words his mentor described him with.
It is hard indeed to be his partner, for Hoza loses the connection with the outer world while working on his prpjects.

"I'm just driving the omnibus", - he used to say.

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Given Name: Naghill Varae
Nicknames: Nahhi, Galv”Sayarhin (The One who can play seven strings), The Fire Keeper, Skeleton Auntie
Hair: curly, dark orange, shoulder length
Eyes: blue
Age: late 30s – early 40s,
Height: 179
Body: very thin, hard and bony, a X-shaped scar across the back,
Personality: artistic, merciless, sarcastic, profane, impartial, arrogant, selfish
Yah Abilities: penetrate the dreams, hold asyl”m defense,
Yah colours: black, orange, silver
Danger: low
Spouses: none
Children: none
Fears: mutilation and skin removal

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Given name: Keranomu Sandaren
Nickname: Ke, Jingle Bell, Sek-Velir
Hair: straight, bright orange, wild haircuts, dreadlocks, sideburns.
Eyes: deep blue
Age: 25-30
Height: 187
Body: moderately muscular but tend to get plump if not kept fit.
Personality: cheerful, sadistic, risky, tough, challenging, dolcevitaer, easy going
Yah Abilities: energy boost,
Yah Colours: lilac, yellow, green
Danger: medium
Spouses: none
Children: none
Fears: his own weakness,
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Given name: Llava Hyffes
Nickname: thousand names, the Monk, Silent One
Hair: Black, curly, short or pony-tailed
Eyes: brown
Age: 20-28
Height: 165
Body: stout, fit, muscular
Personality: loner, quiet, humble, obedient, hard-headed, stubborn,
Yah Abilities: storage room, call of girars, scream
Yah Colours: white, black, green
Danger: high
Spouses: Haromin Viroka
Children: none
Fears: failure
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Given name: Maniiv Viroka
Nickname: Dzimma-chi, mouse-cat, Mavi
Hair: wavy, dark blonde/light brown, waist length
Eyes: grey
Height: 160
Body: stout, curvy, fit if trimmed.
Personality: kind, forgiving, hot-headed, emotional, introvert, mad, loner, slob, selfish, childish, nerdy.
Yah Abilities: creating asyl”m, protection shields
Yah Colours: light grey, golden, azure
Danger: high
Spouses: Hjotennir Zabjh
Children: Haromin (with Hjot)
Fears: sounds

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Given name: Bjro Gresig
Nickname: the Seventh
Hair: brown
Eyes: grey
Age: 50-60
Height: 170
Body: normal
Yah colours: black, rose, white
Yah abilities:
Danger: medium
Spouses: none
Children: Uris
Fears: unknown
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Given name: Haromin Viroka
Nickname: Heleges, Roro, Romi
Hair: long wavy dark
Eyes: green
Age: varies, most chosen – 9, 15, 22
She was three when the Daenair disappeared, had been raised by Kaettohi until she turned 5, then taken by her elder stepbrother Alahir.
Her parents are back after missing three years, to find a nine years old girl. She stays this way until the Lockdown in Golleg's asyl"m, when she snatches 15 years old body.
During the Last Round Haromin is a young woman of 22.

Height: 182
Body: slender, strong
Yah colours: magenta, gold, dark blue
Yah abilities: a-daenair, opening probable worlds.
Danger: high
Spouses: Iso Zabjh, Llava Hyffes
Children: unknown
Fears: being abandoned
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Given Name: Alahir Zabjh
Nicknames: Lord Judge, Captain
Hair: dark, straight, short
Eyes: grey
Age: 26 – early 30s,
Height: 185

Body: tall, muscular, strong.
Personality: impatient, introvert, well-bred, polite, judgemental, snobbish, straightforward, conservative.
Danger: Middle
Spouses: Aelehik (undercover girar)
Children: Anku, Hatannir, Ramiiv (with Aelehik)
Fears: unknown
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Given Name: Iso Gaennek (later - Zabjh)
Nicknames: Zabjh Junior, the Mole
Hair: dark, straight
Eyes: grey
Age: 18-23
Height: 174

Body: slim
Personality: workaholic, intellectual, cowardish, creative, polite.
Yah Abilities: fast moving, durable
Yah Colours: dark steel, pink, brown
Danger: Low
Spouses: none
Children: none
Fears: sudden changes
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Taeimur Tae

age: during his first appearance - around 36, 
around 40 later at arrival to Haeleges.
Eyes: brown
Hair: Wavy, black, shoulder length
Personality: honest, loyal, no sense of humour, strategist, protective, passionate

Kaettohi Tae
age: 15 when married to Taeimur, early 20s when arrived to Haeleges.
Eyes: deep blue
Hair: black, long, curly
Personality: volatile, stubborn, hot-headed, vengeful, creative, witty, cunning, fast learner.

Irali Tae
age: born on the fourth year of Dzimmachi's stay at Tae Valley, 
taken by his mother to Haeleges at the age of two.
Obtains his conciousness at 4 and refuses to grow up. 
He turns 5, when the Daenair flee to the Cold round and come back, win the battle for the Haeleges and Haromin is born, he is still 6 when Romi is 3, then he starts changing, and grows like a normal boy; 
he later chooses to to be in an 11-years old body, until his mother becomes insane, that's where he changes dramatically, and grows to 16 years.
His final shape is about twenty three years old after his mother's death, when he returns to Tae Valley with Taeimur to regain their throne.

eyes: brown
hair: black, curly, short
personality: obedient to elders, conservative, man of the word, sexist, patriarchal, arrogant.

How it was:

After they voted to go for a road search,
Hjotennir and Maniiv ran into the road robbers gang, and had to flee, when Hjot was badly wounded with four arrows.
They did get into a tiny village near the mountains, where Hjot fell into feverish slumber and was a breath away from death. 
The village midwife told Maniiv her friend is dead, but when she was about to ask to see his body, the riders stormed into the house and tried to capture her, villagers did not want troubles and were glad to give a stranger woman to the riders. Luckily, Maniiv had managed to escape to the Mountains. In the morning she started crossing the peaks  to get to the other side. She saw a beautiful green valley, with three villages along the river, fields, gardens and a castle on the far hill. She descended to the village called Tea-Kmateli, and asked for a shelter at the local Sanctuary, stood there for over three weeks for rest and meal, paying her stay by cleaning rooms and helping to get the firewood.
She got familiar with a language they spoke, it was quite different from the one across the mountains, but the Sanctuary people could speak a wee bit of Kanta, so Maniiv got a book from the Prior, with parallel translation from Kanta to Teaish and after a while she started to understand their way of talking.
It was a great relief that the Sanctuary people had accepted her, a stranger, and let her learn their language, helping her with great patience. 
It was a breezy sunny day when Maniiv went for a walk onto the hills to see the place she wished to have her home at. An almond tree next to the abandoned shack and an old well, with a silver stream rmurmuring nearby, a peaceful sunlit land in the middle of the valley surrounded by gorgeous greyheaded mountains.
She went up on the hill looking at the plain beneath and spotted the ground with the crowd around and two groups of people inside of the fence; they looked like they had been playing some kind of hunting game: two of them had large birds and they were sending them around to snatch their prey.
Maniiv had joined the crowd to watch the game and she couldn't take her eyes off the man in green, who played 
elegantly and fair, he looked like he was one of the people inside the ring, though his posture, manners and attitude showed he belonged to the upper class. 
as he stood closer to the viewers, Maniiv noticed two men looking at the green man, looking suspicious.;
One of them caught a moment and threw a pointy dart at the green man, but Maniiv saw it and had stopped the dart having it grabbed right in the air.
It was so impressive, that the green man, who spoke perfect Kanta, offered Maniiv to stay and be his personal bodyguard
He turned to be the Lord of this valley called Tea, thd name he bore was Taeimur-az.
She followed him to the castle, actually, a fortress, where she was to stay to serve the Lord. To prevent anyone from trying to court her, Maniiv had said she was a widow and was in grief for her late husband, so the Lord and the rest kept a respectful distance. 
She refused to eat at the table with the Lord and his men, preferring to share the meal time with the servants, though later the Lord's advisor insisted she should take care of her master during the feasts and watch out for the poisoners.
The advisor was one of the few people who could communicate with Maniiv, though she was keeping on learning Taeish, it wasn't easy. Neither was her stay there, as unlike the villagers, the castle people were cold and slightly hostile to her, which made her to stay sharp and alert. 
There she had spent about two years, succesfully preventing two attempts of assassination, earning the Lord's respect and affection, as well as hatred from those who were connected to the plot. 
She taught Taeimur-az the Path of Soul, and told him all about the girars. They spent loads of time together, which could not remain unnoticed.
The rumours about "the seducing widow" were spreading and growing, forcing the Lord to arrange marriage faster to save his and Maniiv's reputation.
The two main plotters had been executed by the time, and he was less concerned about his safety, so one day he left the castle for a week to come back with his new wife, a young princess of the neighbouring county on the East.
The poor thing was scared of the new place of living, and her sudden old husband. 
Maniiv felt pity for her and took her under her wing, having got rid of the nanny who followed the girl everywhere and never let her make a step without mentoring.
Kaettohi had found it great and she said to her husband to get another bodyguard, so Maniiv could take care of the Lady of the castle, and had no other choice but agreeing. 
The two women spent all their time together, Kaetto taught Maniiv the Teaish language and learned Kanta and At-Girar, Maniiv showed her some self-defense techniques and on the top of all shared her knowledge of the Yah. Keatto appeared to be amazingly fast at learning, flexible, determined and agile, she absorbed any knowledge she could get, soon she could talk to Maniiv without words, using their yahir inside the self-made dolaear (the communication field). 
After a while, Taeimur had called Maniiv to accompany him in his visit to one of the neighbour Lords, and when they returned, the foul tongues started sending runours about the Lord and his "mistress". The pressure was so high that Maniiv had to ask Taeimur to let her go. He told her to ask for anything she needs, and he gave her that small piece of land on the Almond hill. Kaetto took charge and under an excuse of building her own residence, ordered to turn the old shack on the hill into a house, she was authoritive and harsh, so the builders did their job faster than anyone would expect.
Maniiv got into her new house soon and Kaetto wished to stay there, and she did, but in a week time Taeimur had ordered her to be in the castle as the wife must do, much to her annoyance.
Maniiv lived quiet and lonely life, having seldom talks with Kaettohi, who was then overly busy with performing her duties as the Valley Lady, and on the top of all got pregnant.
Viroka's loneliness, though, had been interrupted by sudden appearance of none other but Hjotennir, whom she believed was long dead. In fact, he was saved by a village potter, who found him on the village square and noticed he was alive, he recovered and was told that the woman he came with had probably died in the wild woods. 
He had believed the story and then sent out the letter to the town of Nochitti, knowing that Gresig must have been passing it, telling him to get the group to the mountain village. 
Then, when they all gathered, they got onto another side of the peak, following Maniiv's path and so they found the Tae valley, there they surely heard about the "stranger woman" who served the Lord and then retreated to her shack on the hill. 
Hjotennir rushed there and found Maniiv in the meditation room of her small house. As soon as he stepped inside, Maniiv had got a calling from Kaettohi saying she gave birth to a baby boy, but Maniiv couldn't respond her and Kaetto was very disappointed and frustrated.
The two gran-ar were acting cold, without really being happy to see each other alive. He asked her if she was willing to follow the rest of girars away to North, Maniiv said it's her life here and now. Hjot gave her few days to make up her mind as the girars were going to enjoy the Tae valley's hospitality. 
Few days extended into a week, and Maniiv was visited by Kaetto, who demanded to go outside of the castle, through blackmailing and threats. She showed her newborn son, and as Taeimur and Kaetto were having a talk, Hjotennir came in, and Viroka had to introduce him as her husband, so he played along and backed up her story.
She also said she may leave the valley with her family, Kaettohi silently protested, but the Taes had to say they do not object.
Kaettohi left without saying a word. The two men, though, had a lot to talk about, and got on really well.
So, in a two-days time Maniiv and her pretended husband departed along with the caravan, leaving Tae Valley never to return. 
Little did they know about the fate that decided to bring them together with the Tae people again.
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Round Seven
The Gran-air arrive to a new city after being
respawned and instantly captured by the Poyge sect, 
who watch the unconcious strangers emerging from the thin air and tie them up one by one, 
first nailing Llava to the table with a steel rod through his palm, then forcing Maniiv to humiliate and beat Fernollg, then she gets raped by Keranomu while the children stab Llava's limbs.
The nightmare is over when Naghill starts playing zimarhin outside, luring the children out and taunting them, misleading them to give freshly respawned Hjotennir time to get ready and come for the rescue.
He realizes that he must now fight alone against dozens of deranged kids. With Naghill urging and empowering him, he calls for the captured Daenair begging them to think him whatever it takes. Gathering his Yah's might, he becomes the empty shell, filled with the Naryi ("water", or energy),  letting it pass through his body and Yah. At some point, he realizes that obtains the power of Omnipresence: he could stand at any point of the world, in front of each person, fighting ones and comforting the others. After having pulled himself together, Hjotennir knocks unconcious all the Poyge child warriors and frees the Daenair, while Naghill kills the Poyge Chief. 
Llava had lost a lot of blood and was in a critical condition, Hjot was exhausted after the Omnipresence blast, the other three were so ashamed of their weakness and failure that they refused to talk at all. 
Naghill took care of all them, putting them together on the ground in the way they used to sleep (in a circle, face up, head to head), she made everyone holding each other's hands, then joined them. 
She led them into the meditation, to make then feel united, fill them with willing, and their Yahir merged together fully for the first time.
They were found by Gresig who showed them way to the nearest city.
Maniiv contacts with its soul and says its friendly and welcoming. They are accepted by the city's Yah and start finding their living.
Gresig hints that they

Moral Code

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The girar tribes, unlike many kasalingir believe, have very clear ideas about discipline, rules of behaviour for their family, camp, community or even the whole city.

Camp rules

The settling starts with finding a dry and safe place for the tents.
According to the tradition, the Fire Watcher starts the fire in the middle of the selected ground.
Every day and night the Wind Watcher must be on guard of the camp, usually using the foldable transportable watchtower (actually, a chair on the tall rack and ladder).

Subordination to elders

The elder does not necessary mean the oldest by age, moreover many of girars look young despite being over hundreds years old.

The younger and unexperienced girars, both children and newbies of the camp, must obey to the rules: listening carefully, holding back when disagreeing and expressing themselves in a respectful way, independent of their age.

There are certain rituals girars observe, that seem wild and weird to the citizens, such as paying hommage by kneeling and bowing to the ground,
placing palms to the other's knees (haelaschoedi ritual);
if their relationship status or personal agreement allows, a girar may also kiss another one's hand or clothes.

Haromin, for instance, recollects that she used to greet her parents, as well as the rest of Daenair by kissing their left hand, except of Naghill Varae who resents physical contact and accepted a distant greeting by a kowtow and gestures. And as Haromin herself states, there isn't anything humiliating in showing gratitude and respect to someone you love. She describes a scene that occured during the Ninth round, when Naghill came to visit her father in their house in Haeleges.    "It was the first time we met..."

Gender or origin never mattered for the girars. Both men and women have equal rights within a family.

Later generations also practice asking for blessing from the ancients.
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Present add postfix +h
Past Indefinite +va
Past Perfect +v
Continuous hi+ verb
Infinitive stem+a
self+ +yash askayash ("it's made by itself)
Imperative +m Galonam! (Put it down!)
Passive +ka hallaka (the one being touched)
+able +no hallakano (touchable, palpable)
Adverbial +chi
Plural add prefix a- and postfix -ir Daen (six)
Possessive +mi
Subjunctive +abaen
Comparative +araen
uncertainty prefix Ae+


Compound words can be contracted:

Granha girar => gran-ar

It’s usual for the numbers to lose postfix when at the beginning of the word.



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