Jan. 10th, 2014

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Synopsis: While exploring the Passage, Naghill falls into yet another hole to wake up in a painfully familiar place. She realizes she is back to the years of her youth, meeting the people she had long forgotten. She joins the street race to a bet for her friends and it ends up in an unexpected way.


Them? It's unbelievable.
If they are here, it means I'm twenty again?
And this place must be Yuv.
-C'mon, Varae, it's about to start!
-Don't let us down, the bet is huge.
-She won't, if she doesn't want to do a dance while mooning in all the citizens faces.
Oh, great. The race. Of course, that summer afternoon when I had to save my dignity, or whatever it was, by winning a street run.
My legs felt soft, as we walked through the narrow side street towards the park square.
I cursed myself for being so reckless and dumb, I dare my moron mates, and now I have to run in a few minutes, but I felt I won't make it.
-you've got all the chances, Nahhi. Look at those slugs, pathetic. Go get'm.
-Oi, check out this (race name) cutie! - he whistled, eyeing a girl who stood by the start line. I couldn't see her face, but she certainly was a boy-magnet, with her long legs, tight school uniform (way to short for that obviously ripe teenager) and shiny dark hair. Definitely a slut, I thought with slight contempt, when she turned her head, with that sparkling smile, the one you won't mistake for someone else's.
-...l'right, I gotta tell ya, you pay me twice.
-Pay 10 gras for a chick flashin' her knickers?
-Hit it or quit it, you knucklehead.
-oi, get ya cash ready. She is so bendable, so bend she will. - The voice behind us belonged to a freckled kid, grinning slyly as he set his eyes on the girl's skirt.
God help me. Is this ginger who I think he is?
He is so bloody small! Of course, if I'm twenty-two, then he is... ten?
And her?
I was pulled from the pile of my bewildered thoughts by my mates, who were cheering and taunting me, excited in anticipation of their probable victory.
-the last runners are joining us - shouted the megaphone above our heads. - Hurry up, young man!

We all had met before! Without knowing each other, we'd been there together, in one place.

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